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Use Content Writing to be Relatable

Do you dive right into selling the features of your services or products before thinking from your desired customer’s perspective first? If so, you’re missing the chance to relate to them to understand how they think, act and make buying choices.

If your sales and website visitors are decreasing or you’re just not where you want to be in revenue, keep reading. We have two new services that will help.

In a world cluttered with many similar things and marketing funnels, it’s more important than ever to know who your desired customers are, how they feel, and what they need.

Can’t relate = no sale

Understanding what matters from your desired customer’s perspective will help you communicate with them and offer what you do in a way they’ll pay attention to.

I’ll give an example underneath each point using the scenario of a middle-aged man considering to buy a new washer and dryer set.

What problem are they trying to solve / service do they need, and how would they describe it to a friend?

The set I have now with all the bells and whistles is only 5 years old, costed too much to begin with, and it’s already falling apart. I wish I could find something that has the quality and durability of the old school brands.

How do they likely feel right now about it?

I’m mad that nothing is made well anymore. Why is it impossible to find something that lasts these days?

What is their intention when they start searching for your product/service?

I wasn’t planning to have to buy this right now. I need to research good brands and find something affordable.

What’s the single most important thing to them that will be the final deciding factor to buy?

I don’t mind paying a little more if I can tell it’s going to work well and last longer.

What exact words and questions do you think they use when starting to research their options online?

Good washer and dryer brands that last longer than 5 years, Does GE still make washers and dryers?, What washer and dryer brands have basic features?

This isn’t a gimmick or emotional manipulation. Think about it. When you need to buy something, what stands out to you from all the choices you have? For me personally, I want to feel understood quickly, to know exactly how the features of a service or product are going to fit with the need I have, and how it compares to my other choices. That creates enough trust for me to try it.

Imagine that guy in our example above found a website for a used appliance shop that said something like, They don’t make’em like they used to! We sell refurbished, matching washer and dryer sets from brands that last. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. This particular buyer is probably this shop’s desired customer, and they clearly understand him, as reflected in their content writing. He’ll most definitely consider shopping there. For this set and probably as a repeat customer, too.

Relate = sale

Graphic quote that says, "Modern search engines are sophisticated. They understand the relationships between the searcher's intent and the pages that best satisfy that intent."

The majority of consumers research online before purchasing anything, and it’s likely going to include multiple, clearly stated questions. Google and other search engines will choose relevant, user-friendly websites with content that closely matches the intent of that user.

Think of the most common questions you get and any other trends in the conversations you have with your existing customers. Do they often use the same words, phrases and expressed feelings? Pay attention to those, because it gives you insight into your future customers, too.

By incorporating question and answers and insightful snippets into your web copy, and creating information-rich text that matches what your ideal customer cares about (like blogs), you’re going to rank higher in search engine results, too.

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