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Tempted to skip this step? Think of it like this. If you’re not showing up in user searches, your potential customers won’t ever notice you. Your website - without SEO - is like a car that has no gas in the tank. You can’t go anywhere.

SEO Plans

Basic SEO Essentials

Starting at $450

Gives your business a push within three geographic areas to boost your online rankings when people search for products or services you offer. This is better suited for businesses who are just starting out with SEO or who only need a locally concentrated focus.

Advanced SEO Essentials

Starting at $750


Gives your business a farther reach geographically and includes some customization based on your goals. This is better suited for e-commerce sites, highly competitive industries, or businesses ready to go beyond the basics to strengthen their online positioning.

Customized SEO

Includes all of the essential set-up and is a way to completely tailor a strategy that works best to reach your objectives.

No Contracts

All optimization settings, indexation, and other technical steps are taken at the beginning of the service. A well-done SEO job doesn’t need a long, drawn-out commitment.

Blogging directly creates relevancy for searchers because the articles answer questions and provide information that search engines can display quick-view snippets of in their ranking pages.


Organic SEO Services

No Contracts Here

If you’re not showing up in user searches, your potential customers won’t ever notice you. Your website - without SEO - is like a car that has no gas in the tank. You can’t go anywhere.

Our SEO service can accompany a website we build for you or be purchased as a stand-alone product to give your business a stronger presence in the rankings of the two major search engines, Google and Bing. Your business will appear in the results page when users search for the products and services you offer.


Show up, get noticed, and do your thing.

We Wear a White Hat

We are “White Hat” SEO specialists, which means in the website world that we use ethical practices to follow search engine rules and policies to organically drive traffic to your website. We’re not going to sabotage your competitors or bend Google’s rules like the “Black Hat” crew.


There’s plenty of business for everyone.

Once Google’s algorithms are regularly reading the content of your website and including you in search results, it doesn’t just stop happening when a contract ends with an agency.


We teach you how to view the analytics reports auto-generated by search engines, rather than repackage the same data every week or month just to show you the progress. It’s easy, we promise! Or, if you prefer that we monitor it for you, then let us know. We can include that in our service estimate.


We recommend you continue to monitor your analytics after our service is performed, and let us give you another SEO boost down the road, as needed. That just feels better, right? We think so, too.

SEO and Marketing Agency in Los Angeles CA

We keep saying "SEO", but what is it actually?

It's a way of influencing "organic" (non-advertised) search engine results. 


There are literally hundreds of factors that influence rankings, so effective SEO requires understanding of how things like the content on pages is designed and displayed, correct indexation of text and images, the page's load speed, use of keywords, and the quantity and quality of social media activity, just to name a few!

The SEO Process

It’s Easy As….


We’ll chat with you about what makes you stand out with your competitors and what’s unique about your business. We’ll go over the geographic areas of your target market, your products or services, and any previously performed optimization and marketing strategies.


We’ll review the settings and design of your existing website to see if it needs adjustments to meet optimization standards. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your overall presence online and discuss your goals for SEO.


FYI - When we build your website for you, we design with optimization in mind so it’s 100% ready for our SEO service. Our sites are also accessible for the visually impaired and meet all compliance standards. Not only is it the right thing to do, it helps your online presence.


We provide a customized recommendation that focuses on gaining new visitors to your website and online business listings on Google and Bing. There are specific actions business owners can take to enhance their search engine rankings that we’ll discuss together, too.

These essential steps lay the foundation for SEO and will have a transformative impact on your website’s performance. The tasks are completed once, then we take a step back for the search engines to begin inspecting and using the content they receive during indexation.

We only charge a flat fee for the essentials and give specific recommendations to our clients that help keep their content fresh and active, including re-indexation, as needed.

These are some of the technical steps included in our Essentials packages:

  • Analysis
    We review the past performance of your site using tools (i.e., Google Analytics) to show what has been successful, what has not, and to understand the demographics of the searchers.
  • Keyword research
    These words or short phrases are the ones being used when searching for your product or service type. The ideal keywords/phrases get used a lot, are relevant to your business, but are not also being significantly used by your competitors. We work together to identify what works best in your business.
  • Research of competition
    We inspect how your competition has optimized their websites and any observable actions they are taking to promote their business.
  • Eliminate spam & unhelpful site elements
    We assure that everything is happening above board to meet search engine requirements and eliminate anything that could unnecessarily slow the site, be considered spammy, or unethical practices that may get you blacklisted or penalized.
  • Initial optimization
    This may include a recommendation that your site be redesigned and/or content updated, if needed. This stage has multiple tasks involving labeling and organizing site elements in a way that communicates well with search engines. We perform an additional step here to test for compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to see how well people with limited vision, hearing, cognitive or physical ability can access, navigate and understand your site according to WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines.
  • Indexation
    Your site will be officially submitted to the Google and Bing search engines for the content to be added to their indexes, which they will then read and use to provide search results based on their algorithms (automated systems).
  • Initial monitoring
    Using multiple tools to observe your website’s basic performance, checking for and correcting anything that needs intervention.
  • Basic reporting with online tools
    We teach you how to access and understand the basics of Google Analytics so you are empowered to monitor the performance of your website.

"Studies have shown that 91% of people that conduct a search never go past the first page. What's more shocking? 42% click on the first result and roughly 62% on the first three results. If you're not showing up on the first page, or even in the first listing, then you're lost in oblivion."  -

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