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We keep saying "SEO", but what is it actually?

It's a way of influencing "organic" (non-advertised) search engine results. 


There are literally hundreds of factors that influence rankings, so effective SEO requires understanding of how things like the content on pages is designed and displayed, correct indexation of text and images, the page's load speed, use of keywords, and the quantity and quality of social media activity, just to name a few!


Your website requires behind-the-scenes intervention and ongoing monitoring to improve rankings and drive traffic. 

"Studies have shown that 91% of people that conduct a search never go past the first page. What's more shocking? 42% click on the first result and roughly 62% on the first three results. If you're not showing up on the first page, or even in the first listing, then you're lost in oblivion."  -

Our SEO services can accompany a website we build for you or be purchased as a stand-alone product to give you a stronger presence within major search engines like, Google, Bing and others.


Local, statewide and national SEO packages are available. 

We are White Hat SEO specialists. We use ethical practices and follow search engine rules and policies to organically drive traffic to your website.

Basic Plan

Not Contract


Includes indexing of the website in Google and Bing. 2 hours of monitoring per month (3 months period) Is a great start up plan.

A solution for the local business that is looking for a stronger presence.

Top 7 Plan 

Not Contract



Our intensive 7-week local area push. Includes indexing and optimization of your website for Google and Bing. 2 hours of monitoring every week for 7 weeks. Final improvement report.

Any minor edits on the design or layout of your website for the purpose of optimization. 

"There is no surefire way to get a #1 ranking on Google. However, targeting the right keywords and audience can significantly increase your chances. Follow that up by creating and promoting tons of well-optimized content, and you're good to go! Those top rankings could happen much sooner than you think."

- Forbes

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