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SEO Blogging

Attract visitors to your website

Blogging is an opportunity to share your valuable insights and experience with your new and existing customers, which builds trust and credibility. When you write directly for your target audience, they think, “yes, that’s me!”, and it engages them to reach out for your services instead of your competition.
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When you share helpful, original content using organic SEO best practices, it totally satisfies a search engine’s priority to rank and deliver trustworthy information to its users. Google says so itself! Blogging directly creates relevancy for searchers because the articles answer questions and provide information that search engines can display quick-view snippets of in their ranking pages.

Hello, marketing funnel! A blog is also a valuable marketing asset you can post on your website, then share to your email subscriber list and social media channels to draw traffic back to your website. Attract, inform, engage, and convert, baby!

7 Topics that are always on-point:


Tips for hiring a pro

Provide three to five critical tips someone needs to consider when hiring a professional like you in your industry.


Answer Questions

Cover the most common questions or concerns you hear from your customers about your product, services or industry, and include your personal insights and opinions.



Announce what’s new or trending, and give your personal insights about how you feel it will impact your customer. They trust you and want to hear what you think. (P.S. ChatGPT really can’t do this.)


Tell a story

Stories humanize us and create memorable, shareable moments. You can focus on highlights of your personal and professional background, or a mistake you made and rebounded from, which readers will likely find relatable.


Essential Benefits

Share three to five of the top benefits someone will enjoy by choosing your product or service.


Solve a problem

Your customers consistently hit a wall somewhere. Share information that prepares them to navigate more easily through common barriers that you know exist in your product realm or industry.



Explain how to do a specific task successfully or give guidance on something your customers will really appreciate knowing more about or do themselves.


About your copy writer

Meet your content writer, Andi – If writing’s not your thing or you don’t have time to focus on it as a blogging task, let me do it for you! As a content writer, I can capture your perspectives and personality in a way that delivers actual value to your readers and gets used by search engines.

Let’s Start Writing:

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  1. Get ready. We’ll have a discovery call to discuss your key audience, your objectives, identify our writing topics, and determine how we’ll communicate throughout the process.

  2. Schedule it. We’ll set a schedule that identifies important dates, including first draft and final delivery due dates, as well as discuss the feedback process for revisions.

  3. Invoicing. The project clock begins when payment is received.

3-Blog SEO Boost Package

We recommend starting (then continuing) with at least three blogs to get more traction online. Blogs provide additional high-quality pages to your website that Google (and other search engines) will read and then use in their Search results. It demonstrates that your site is active, informative, and credible.

You’ll have everything you need to publish your blog, and push the notification through your social media channels and email service.

Every blog will include:

  • A clear, engaging tagline

  • Keyword/key phrase inclusion

  • Research

  • Informative writing with topic focus to engage target audience (500-750 words)

  • An enticing Call to Action to another page on your site (like, Contact or Services)

  • A simple coordinating cover image for blog publication

  • A social media post snippet and simple video reel that includes the blog tagline and your provided logo

  • Two sets of minor revisions

Starting at $850

Complexity and total length of each article determine final price.


SEO Blog Bundle - Additional $99 

For our clients using Wix, we offer an additional advanced SEO service that allows all three blogs to be optimized, submitted for search engine indexation, and published directly from your website.

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