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New from Google Tag Manager

You probably received an email from Wix this morning letting you know about a required change in Google Tag Manager. The change will continue providing important data to your Google Analytics, and you need to update your Tag Manager account by March 6th, 2024 to comply with new Digital Markets Act (DMA) policies regarding site visitor data.

We got you covered

We value you as a client and took care of implementing this important setting on your behalf to be compliant. If you are receiving this email it's because, at some point, we performed an SEO service for your website. You do not need to take any further action.

If you have any questions about this or are interested in having us evaluate how your SEO is performing, let us know.


This change in Google tag manager is very important and might affect so of the date that is collected and viewed Google Analytics, if you don't know if you have a Tag Manager updated in your website feel free to reach out for a free evaluation of your Google Tags.

Google Tag Manager Change in 2024

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