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What I get for the money that I'm paying?

You get exactly what is mentioned in the description of each package.


Is the price for the package that I choose negotiable?

Our rates are the most competitive in the market, we research time to time to be sure to give you only the best under your budget and needs, so, no the prices are not negotiable.


If I change my mind after the website is ready can I cancel the service?

No, unfortunately you already paid for a year of service and there is no way to stop it, except if you authorize in writing to La Mejor Website shut down your hosting service, there is no refund for the money you pay since the work is already done and accomplished. The website files are not exportable or transferable in Web Pack 1 or Web Pack 2.


If I change my mind can I ask for an upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade your website at any time to any of the packages available, you must contact our customer service and make the payment appropriately to the package you choose to upgrade.


Why yearly charge?

Every website is created under your specifications and taste however we bring our recommendations and professional advice during the whole year, we set a back up every month, any text or picture update will never be charged, complicated changes like redesigns, new pages, graphic design will be charged accurate with the complex of the changes.

What does SEO actually mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of influencing "organic" (non-paid) search engine results. There are literally hundreds of factors that influence rankings, so effective SEO requires understanding of how things like the content on pages is designed and displayed, correct indexation of text and images, the page's load speed, use of keywords, and the quantity and quality of social media activity, just to name a few!

What if I don't like the design you made?

The design is made based in your instructions, this is the reason why we ask you for all the information and details from the beginning, all the content text, logo, pictures etc must be provided since day one to avoid misunderstandings and time demanding changes.

We offer you before the website is delivered make any adjustments to the website that satisfy your expectations.


Why I need to pay upfront for your services? 

Payment upfront is required for all projects. We understand how difficult is to trust and pay up front for services that you haven't received yet, however, our reputation is priceless and  is our warranty that you will receive exactly the service you paid. We are fast in our delivery times and that's why we request up front payment for all projects. Please visit our Terms of Business for more information.

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